I am proud of the continued efforts of Economic Developers Alberta and its members to enhance economic sustainability, diversification, investment and job creation in Alberta’s diverse regions and communities.

We know that Alberta is the best place to invest and do business, and others are taking notice. Alberta has the lowest overall taxes in Canada and amongst the lowest corporate taxes in North America. We also have the youngest, best-educated and most productive workforce in the country.

We have world-class infrastructure, and we offer the support and assistance businesses need to set up and succeed. From entrepreneurial ventures, to small and medium-sized enterprises, to big business, Alberta is home to some of the boldest and most innovative minds.

This year’s theme of “Diverse. Determined. Driven.” truly highlights the way Alberta businesses continue to drive our economy. It is thanks to these hard-working Albertans that our economy is looking up. More Albertans are working and job opportunities are growing. While not every Albertan is feeling it, and there is more work to do, our province’s economy is growing faster than expected. So fast, in fact, that independent analysts say Alberta will lead Canada in economic growth this year.

The Government of Alberta is proud to work with partners such as Economic Developers Alberta to help Alberta businesses succeed both at home and abroad, and to attract new business and jobs to our great province.