As Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism, I am excited to send greetings to the readers of Invest in Alberta magazine.

Alberta is an innovative and entrepreneurial province, and the people who live here exemplify the spirit of hard work and ingenuity. Our province is a prime example of how we can build a prosperous and responsible society that provides opportunity and a warm welcome to all.

Our government wants the world to know that our province is open for business. We are working to remove the burdens of red tape and regulation that slow our economic growth and stifle innovation. We have reduced taxes on job creators that will give us the lowest tax burdens in Canada and among the lowest in North America. We are working every day to restore investor confidence and create the conditions for job creation, innovation and growth.

We want our message to be heard: We are open for business. Alberta has an economic engine that is built on a priceless and unique commodity: the people who live here and the investors who believe in our province. So I say to you, believe in Alberta. Invest and innovate here.

Thank you to Economic Developers Alberta for always believing in our province and the people who live here. Thank you for always being a leader in building Alberta. Together, we will continue to ensure that Alberta is the best place to invest, start a business and raise a family.