On behalf of the Government of Alberta, it is my pleasure to send greetings to the readers of Invest in Alberta magazine.

In 1905, when Alberta joined Confederation, it was described as having “avenue and opportunity for every kind of effort and enterprise.” For 115 years, the people of this province have been making good on that promise. Albertans’ hard work and ingenuity have built one of the most prosperous and generous societies on earth.

Our government’s goal is to move Alberta from being the most over-regulated economy in Canada to being the freest and fastest moving. We will create an environment where job creators in our province have one of the lowest tax and red tape burdens in North America. We are working to restore investor confidence that facilitates job creation and the cutting-edge advances that will secure Alberta’s place in the economy of the future.

We want to send a loud message to businesses across Canada and around the world: Come to Alberta. Invest here. Innovate here. We are the free enterprise heart of Canada, and I’m happy to say we are open for business again.

Thank you to Economic Developers Alberta and its members for leading the way and helping us build a province that is the best place to live, work, start a business, and raise a family.