On average, Alberta’s 4.3 million people are the youngest of all Canadian provinces, with a median age of 36.7 years, and 68.6 percent of the province’s labour force aged 25 years and older has a post-secondary degree, diploma or certificate.

In 2017, almost 2.3 million Albertans were employed, international merchandise exports were $100 billion, investment totaled $57 billion, and per capita investment in Alberta was $13,337, more than twice the national average of $6,450.

Between 2007 and 2017, Alberta accounted for 20 percent of Canada’s population growth. In fact, Alberta’s population increase of 22 percent over that period was the largest increase of any province or state in North America.

Although Alberta’s oil, gas and mining sector remains the largest percentage of the province’s GDP, several non-energy sectors displayed considerable growth from 1986 to 2016, including:

  • Construction – 7.0 to 10.7 percent of GDP
  • Finance, Insurance and Real Estate – 13.5 to 16.7 percent of GDP
  • Business and Commercial Services – 6.6 to 11.7 percent of GDP

Here are a few key economic indicators that demonstrate the growth in several areas of Alberta’s economy.

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