Welcome to Invest in Alberta.

I am pleased to present the fourth edition of Invest in Alberta, the official publication of Economic Developers Alberta (EDA). Inside this publication is a glimpse of some of the diverse industries and amazing investment opportunities Alberta has to offer.

EDA is delighted to partner with RedPoint Media to produce this excellent publication and we are very pleased with the outcome of this fourth edition. We are thrilled about an exciting new development for the 2018 edition: the Invest in Alberta microsite. This microsite is essentially the magazine in a website format complete with its own URL (www.investalbertamag.ca). With a click of your mouse or a tap on your screen you will have access to all the information contained in the magazine. The microsite is secure, searchable, modern and mobile friendly. Since it is web-based its reach is limitless.

Whether you are turning the pages of the printed edition or scrolling through the magazine on your tablet, you will read a sampling of the many advantages the province has to offer. Read about the diversification and improved technology in the energy industry; how Alberta is leading the way in technology and research, as well as interesting developments in Alberta’s forestry industry. There is also an in-depth story that highlights our organization’s resources and best practice information on how businesses and economies can prepare for, respond to, and recover from unanticipated disruptions, such as natural disasters or man-made crises. You’ll learn how EDA and our international counterpart, the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) have customized a program for Canadian communities called “Economic Resilience Training for Community and Regional Leaders.” This training course equips community leaders with a solid foundation for economic resilience planning in communities and to accelerate economic recovery following disasters.

My goal as CEO of Economic Developers Alberta is to ensure our members have the tools they need to enhance their economic development practice. EDA is Alberta’s only professional organization for economic developers dedicated to advancing the economic development profession by providing our members with resources, professional development and networking opportunities. EDA serves a varied membership of over 350 from across the province. By equipping our members with the latest economic development resources, they in turn create vibrant communities.

EDA is ready and equipped to serve its members, advance economic development as a profession, and support Alberta communities in fostering sustainable economic prosperity. Albertans are diverse, determined and driven and it is a privilege to be part of their success. We invite you to join us.